Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Last Post

Just thought i'd make a quick last post for those that check this blog (with some new work!-the Powerhouse 2010 Calendar is a collaboration with Dustin Flowers). I, as Stacks Press am taking a hiatus from freelance design and print work. I am now working at Powerhouse as a full time print manager and designer, thus cutting out time and allowance for freelance opportunities. I guess the blog is going to stay up because i don't know how to take it down, and why not leave it up? So anyway, goodbye, for now! Thanks for checking out my work. I will be populating the internet with new work again someday, but for now check out Powerhouse if you want to see what i'm up to.

Stacks Press

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Massacre

Here's a new poster i just printed the other night. It's for a halloween party (or massacre) at the Mockbee here in Cincinnati. Thanks to Carl for the shot to do this one, i'm sure the party is gonna be pretty big and pretty fun, lots of different live music going on. You can see these posters hanging up in shop windows around the city now. So be on the lookout, and steal it if you see it, cause you know you want it. Also, you might want to come to the party too. That's it for now!

More coming soon..of course.

Stacks Press

Friday, October 16, 2009

So Much New...

October has been a crazy month in terms of produced work-and yet there's still plenty to do for the remainder. I have a new poster as well that i won't be posting til after the gig passes. But it's for Yo La Tengo, it's slightly oversized, on some great paper, and i quite like it a lot. But for's some of the new:

-Rest In Peace Cincinnati overall design (website, stickers, flyer). The colors are a bit off on the flyer, looks much better in original file or in person-trust me.
-Thursday gig poster (designed for and available at Powerhouse Factories).
-Keeling Photography (formerly Studio 26 Photography) business card.

Much more work to come after the month is over! And there's a website coming soon! Finally!

Stacks Press

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Process is fun!

I just recently finished up the printing of DJ Clockwork's new mixtape, Time Zones. I designed the front, back and CD package for his first official hard copy mixtape. Clockwork was pretty specific about what he wanted; a Looney Tunes-ish feel, hence the theme. In place of good ol' Bugs Bunny, your man DJ Clockwork. I usually try to take a good amount of process photos for each project I print, sometimes that doesn't happen, but for this project it did, so enjoy! If you haven't heard the new mixtape go HERE to download it. All the copies I printed are in other people's hands, so you gotta go digital, sorry!

More stuff coming soon!

Stacks Press

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So i guess some new projects going on. Currently working on the Mix booklets for Ronnie and Rissa's wedding, which i will have process pictures for, when I finish. For now though, just the raw designs.

Also up in the newish section is a flyer i did for Tyler Nelson, one of the guys from MTVs Taking the Stage (you know the one about SCPA in Cincinnati). It was cool to do this for a up and coming celebrity from cincy, hopefully the flyer will help promote him more.

Lastly is the most flyer. It was pretty quick, to be used as a Facebook event flyer, but i'm happy with the result. I actually rehashed this basic composition and color scheme from an alternative version of a cover for DJ Clockwork's mixtape, it wasn't used and i liked it a lot better than the one used so i knew i had to use it again sometime. Just did. Blam. I see more of a crazy-eyed face than the two records i intended it to be but i think it improves the expression of the event.

Powerhouse Factories (PHFDesign)(Powerhouse) is my new home during the 5 work days of the week. I'm pretty happy to be a part of the Factory and looking forward to producing really cool prints all the time.
That's all for now...

Website coming soon (not like soon-soon but, it must be done).

Stacks Press

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Jam!

It's been a long I suck at posting sometimes. Maybe it's because i haven't done anything in a bit though, yes that's it. Definitely been busy lately though.

One of the first posters i ever designed was the Winter Jam poster for the Elevator Music/The 3rd guys up in Columbus. Well, now they're doing a Summer Jam and needless to say I was pretty excited to do this one (Thanks to Dion from Elevator for keeping me in mind). They gave it to me very last minute but I think the poster feels pretty summer-y and fun. My intention was to make the Summer Jam type look like an older logo for a food product, something like a juice or sausage. You be the judge.

On a non related note, I went and saw the DAAPWorks show tonight and I must say I was pretty damn impressed. Especially with the Graphic, Interior and Industrial Design departments. It's crazy the quality of work those kids put out and the jobs they're getting because of it. Fine arts was pretty great too, thought it was kind of a small showing though.

Friday I'm leaving on a drive to SF and LA for about 2 weeks. I will be taking many photos and uploading to the blog as much as I can. Or maybe a Flickr, we'll see. Either way, more posting action will be had here in the near future. So check in.

Stacks Press

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

These new posters brought to you by the word 'Recycle'

I just finished a poster series (collaboration with Illustrator Kimmy Hart) for my final project in my Design and Nature class.  We had to design something, anything, around educating about an environmental topic.  I'm not really an active participant of the green movement but this is what i decided a good recycling poster series should look like. 

Just about done with school!  Time to take a little break then work on that portfolio all summer!
I'm gonna try and document a lot more too.

I'm just saying...
I'm about to design some good looking shit.  I swear.

Stacks Press  

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hopped on the Twitter wagon, yep! Follow me!

Username:      stackspress

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Show Poster

So i just recently finished the poster for our show, The Whole Mess... Almost.  This image is just the jpg of the design but the actual poster was printed with a slightly metallic, glossy black under a very sparkly fairly transparent silver.  So the final product is sorta different- and better in my opinion.  Definitely looks pretty nice up close too, the details of each artists' work really came through pretty well.  Printed in an edition of 50. 

PS... Just set up a CarbonMade account because i'm pretty lost on making websites, and CarbonMade's interface is really clean and professional looking so it works out for now.  All the posters and fliers are up there so check it out.  Stacks CarbonMade

PSS... I will be making a small edition of commemorative (easter-themed?) prints for the group show's closing reception next friday-they'll be sold there as well.  That'll be posted up here sometime too.

Stacks Press